Vegan and paleo ice cream treat
Listen, you have crushed it all week. Workouts and work have been dominated. But now it's Friday night and all you want is Netflix, your boo (ahem or not), a blanket to nestle in, and your sweet tooth satiated. We get it. Us too. Minor issue: dairy is a date killer or a night ruiner and so although you could die for a ice cream + chick flick fest, no can do. Except, wait a second my friend, turns out we have a solution for you. It is two ingredients, takes thirty seconds, and presto - Vegan, Paleo sweet treat topped with your favorite not sweet treat. ;)
Here's how you do it:
1) Grab a bowl
2) Scoop out a decadent amount of  Vixen Kitchen Paleo & Vegan Ice Cream ⠀
3) Rip open a packet of Phat Fudge and drizzle it on top.