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Phat Fudge: Real Ingredient Performance Food, Original

Phat Fudge: Real Ingredient Performance Food, Original
Phat Fudge™: REAL Ingredient Performance Food 
6 or 12 Individual Squeeze Packs Per Order 
Orders take 1-2 business days to ship
What is Phat Fudge? It's my personal replacement for those "Gel Packs" minus all the weird stuff.
Each ingredient is deliberate, aiming to provide instant and sustained energy, focus, memory, combat inflammation, and acts as a natural thermogenic. 
Level up your mornings by starting with Phat Fudge right out of the packet or even blending it into your morning cup of coffee to make #unicornfuel. 
Keep focused and alert during the day for in-between meal boosts. 
Use it as a pre-work out for when you're pumping that iron. 
YOU'VE shared with me that you have been taking Phat Fudge on marathon runs, epic bike rides, 30,000 ft in the air, "on set" and the list goes on! 
Ingredients: Grass Fed Butter, Tahini, Cacao, Ground Coffee, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Maca, Raw Honey, Vanilla, Cayenne 
*All organic ingredients, duh
**Read below for future versions on the roadmap: Vegan, Coffee/Cayenne Free, CARAMEL and more! 
Nutrition Information: 
Serving: 1 Packet - Calories: 200 - Fat: 20g - Carbs: 6g - Protein: 3g - Sugars: 2.5g
Storage: Keep in your refrigerator when you're not out on an adventure to maintain freshness. Phat Fudge has a 6 month shelf life so feel free to stock up. I ALWAYS travel with Phat Fudge, #protip.
Ways to enjoy Phat Fudge™: As soon you get them! Out of the freezer which is my preference because the texture is amazing. You can also blend Phat Fudge into your coffee or tea. Spread on other healthy snacks. Make it your own and surprise me. Get creative and tag me in your photo with the hashtags: #eatplaycrush & #phatfudge 

phat_fudge_adam_rodriguezAdam Rodriguez
Some fuel with which to get this Monday started! Pre-workout Phat Fudge.

phat_fudge_brandon_routhBrandon Routh
Lovin' my Phat Fudge! Keeps me fueled, come what may - planes, trains, or automobiles.

phat_fudge_courtney_fordCourtney Ford
When the going gets tough, the tough get Phat Fudge! It has become my secret weapon.

phat_fudge_tait_fletcherTait Fletcher
Phat Fudge and Caveman Coffee is a winning combo for function and performance.

Noah Kagan
It's like legal and healthy food CRACK! Quote me!

Mark Sisson
All I can say is that this stuff is the real deal--tasty and packed full of functional good stuff. To borrow a favorite phrase, it's the shiznit.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review