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Let's talk about the Paleo Friendly certification you see on Phat Fudge and why I look to it as a gold standard on other products, even more so than gluten free certifications.

You probably know by now that I am a celiac with a casein and soy intolerance but beyond that, I avoid grains most of the time and actually give a damn about the sourcing of every ingredient in products I use and the ethics behind the meat that I eat.

Now, I could absolutely go and do all this research on everything I consume myself and share that info as I find it, but what if, WHAT IF, there was someone smarter than me who has devoted their whole existence to this kind of work?

WHAT IF there was someone going down the rabbit hole of ingredient sourcing, interviewing and going on site to farms to ensure particular standards are being met?

WHAT IF all I needed to do was look for this certification and know it hasn't been muddied by politics or marketing so I can feel confident that I'm putting good shit into my body?

Karen Pendergrass of @paleofoundation @paleomovement @certifiedpaleo and @paleoapproved is doing just that. 

If you're a consumer and see this Paleo Friendly certification (PF Original is Paleo Friendly Certified bc of Grass Fed Butter) or Certifed Paleo, it means that it was vetted hardcore by Karen/ @paleofoundation.

If you're a brand or product and want to learn more about what I did to get @phatfudge certified visit and @paleofoundation.

If you're already familiar with this, go thank Karen for her relentless devotion to paleo/primal/sustainability because she certainly isn't in it for the billion dollar exit, this saved her life and she's on a mission. 

February 03, 2017 — Mary Shenouda
Tags: paleo