Michelle Tam

Rifle through my bag, and you're sure to find packs of Phat Fudge. I also squirrel them away in my kitchen, my office, my luggage, my car—for those times I get the munchies but need to stay clear and focused. I've been a Phat Fudge evangelist from the beginning because it's my favorite portable performance food!

Adam Rodriguez

Some fuel with which to get this Monday started! Pre-workout Phat Fudge.

Brandon Routh

Lovin' my Phat Fudge! Keeps me fueled, come what may - planes, trains, or automobiles.

Courtney Ford

When the going gets tough, the tough get Phat Fudge! It has become my secret weapon.

Tait Fletcher

Phat Fudge and Caveman Coffee is a winning combo for function and performance.

@Instagram Account

I love Phat Fudge. It's like legal and healthy food crack! Watching Mary transform her popular recipe to world domination as a one-woman empire has been amazing.

Mark Sisson

All I can say is that this stuff is the real deal--tasty and packed full of functional good stuff. To borrow a favorite phrase, it's the shiznit.

Max Lugavere

I'm a huge fan of Mary personally and her integrity as a person makes me trust her implicitly. As a chef, she has nailed a treat that not only supports my cognitive demands but is made with ingredients (turmeric, cacao, and coffee, specifically) that scientific literature suggests are potent long-term brain health boosters too.